DIFF & DUDLEY - Featuring the Big Sirs (2016)
     "Here's Diff & Dudley"


            MOSEY  "Flatlands"  (1999)

          10 Song CD- original songs on Big Mitten Records 
          "Kissaway" co-written by Jack Leaver

           1.   Bad Dreams   (Lead Vocal: Jack Leaver)
           2.   Out of Touch   (Lead Vocal:  Jack Leaver)
           3.   Isn't She The One?  (Lead Vocal:  Jack Leaver)
           4.   3333
           5.   Finger in the Dike
           6.   Kissaway   (Lead Vocal:  Jack Leaver)
           7.   When You Fall
           8.   The Man Who Had No Soul
           9.   Reverie
          10.  Flatlands


                 THE DUSHANES Self-titled Promotional 5-song EP (1994)
          Original songs on Big Mitten Records
          "All in Vain" written by Jack Leaver

          1.  Slow Moving Train
          2.  If Country Ain't Good Enough
          3.  All in Vain  (remix)
          4.  These Arms  (remix)
          5.  Highway 131

THE DUSHANES  Cassette only release (1990)
         Original songs on Big Mitten / Picnic Horn Records

       Jack Leaver appears on the following recordings: 
       * Drew Nelson  "Immigrant Son"  2005   (guitar and pedal steel guitar)
        * The Holy Cows  "Blueberrie"  1997       (pedal steel guitar)


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